"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i. love. this.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

God's Love

A couple weeks ago I had to teach a lesson in Sunday School about God's love for us. As I was preparing my lesson, I couldn't help but remember so many instances that happened when I would walk the streets of Africa and recognize how individual God's love really is for each of us.

His love for the ones living on the streets,

His love for the lonely baby who cries for the mama who passed during delivery,

His love for the woman in an abusive relationship,

His love for the man without any legs,

His love for the the kids who stand in a long line at school for a half a cup of watered down porridge...or those who don't get any food at all for the day.

His love for the hospitalized.

There was a specific day where my heart was torn to pieces and I couldn't breathe. I was volunteering at the hospital and was able to witness some of the surgeries. All of a sudden the door flung open and a man handed a 2 pound baby to the doctor. This baby was left in an African hut during a fire caused by a candle that got too close to a mosquito net. I don't want to be descriptive, mostly because it still breaks my heart to think about. But when a tiny body is burnt like that...they don't have much left. This little body was put on a cold metal surgery table. Laid there. alone. without any clothing. Her little hands were black and non-existent. All you could see was a a tiny chest go up and down to a faded heartbeat.

My whole heart was swollen with tears. How could this possibly be real life? That tiny little soul didn't have anything left....but the love of God.

I've often thought to myself "why did God allow that to happen?" or "that person was doing everything right, why couldn't God change how things turned out?"

I've come up with a few different conclusions. I believe that God doesn't "cause" something to happen, but he permits it to happen so that we can learn things that in no other way we'd be able to, and become something that only He knows we're capable of. I know that day, that the Lord shed tears for that tiny body on that table. And i'm sure He wept when she entered into heaven to live with Him again. He cares so much about every single soul whether your the president of the United States, or a 2 pound baby in a small village.

God's love for us is so real and individual. No matter what it is we go through, big or little. He cares about every single thing.

I made a video about the people in Africa. The song is called "Beside you" and I can't help but relate that's how our relationship can be with the Lord. His love for us is so powerful and he'll be right beside us every step of the way!

sometimes a girl just needs flowers..

These were magically delivered to me at work. It's been a pretty rough week with a lot of things going on and adding up. I'm not really one to receive flowers from boys... and it was quite nice to say the least.. i felt like the luckiest girl at work that day. And I am.

Thanks for all you do for me Cory!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

That's Just What Girls Do!

This Thanksgiving my whole family came over, i loved it. I have 8 nieces and nephews that I just love to pieces. Tonight we had a girls night with nail polish, dress-ups, and make up. I couldn't get enough of them, they are so stinkin cute!
Johnny boy took this so it's a little blurry, but their smiles are the cutest!

How can you not love that face?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I forgot to upload some pics from last month... here they are!

Snowmobiling up at the cabin!

oh and some fourwheelin:)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Sometimes giving up on someone doesn't mean your weak, it just means your strong enough to let go"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tarantula's and Sunday School

Welp guys, it happened. I thought I'd be able to hide under the radar to avoid getting a calling in church, but wasn't able to...is that bad?

Well, either way. it happened. I've had a certain fear for probably about 4 years. I've been learning about phobias in my psychology class.... you know, arachnophobia, emetophobia (fear of vomit), etc... but i discovered a new one:


Yup, you heard right. I'm the new sunday school teach as well as helping with the ward organist (do i know how to play the organ? probably not)

It seriously is this huge fear of mine to teach, i'd much rather play the piano for hundreds of people then have to get up in front of 10 people to teach them something. When the bishopric called me my eyes swelled with tears because i'm deathly afraid of teaching (especially teaching people who know a WHOLE LOT more than i do!)...i'm just this little girl trying to teach people and missionaries who have studied this out all day every day for 2 years. Intimidating? yes.

"That's like asking me to eat a tarantula," I said..."But i'll do it with a smile on my face" as my voice was shaking and a tear fell on my face!

So folks... i'm the new teach.

At this point I am open for advice... i don't wanta be the teacher that just reads from the manual or just reads scriptures the whole time. So if any of ya'll have "fun" ideas , I would love it to hear it.

Til then... I'll go find a tarantula to munch on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Date: Hammocks and Harmonicas

Learning how to play a harmonica in a hammock. Random, right? If you refer a few posts ago, I made a bucket list where I wanted to learn how to play a harmonica...and in a hammock. It just sounds so relaxing and fun at the same time.

Well.. I was able to check that off my list in the BEST possible way.

"Cory" asked me to go on a date with him. The plan was to go make a camp fire and roast starbursts. So, we gathered wood, blankets, hot chocolate, and starbursts for a fun night! We found a perfect spot to set up camp.

All of a sudden Cory says "Hey, I randomly found this hammock laying around my house... I think we should do something we've never done on a date before and set it up!"

(note: I had completely forgot about the bucket list I made)

So of course I'm all "Okay!" thinking it was way random. Next thing I know, Cory is over there with his head lamp and crutches ready to lasso 2 trees to put up this hammock. Part of me was like "we really don't have to go through all this trouble..." but I like hammocks, and Cory was being a scout with these rope knots, so I was entertained.

He told me to test it out. (mind you, he literally weighs 2x me..so having the twerp try it out isn't the best idea because once he got on with me we almost fell) But after the second try there we were..on a hammock in the middle of nowhere.

"I have a gift for you?"

me--"what?" (secretly wondering what kind of a gift you give someone on your first date)

And out of NOWHERE he whips out these 2 harmonicas. With instructions on how to play. So there we were, learning how to play a harmonica in a hammock.

Sorry, but it felt like christmas. It clicked that this was on my bucket list, and I couldn't believe that he was thoughtful enough to do that! Are you kidding?! What boy thinks of that? I just sat there smiling so big thinking "Is this for real??" Funny how such simple things can mean the whole wide world.

So... if any of you would like us to serenade you in a rendition of "happy birthday", we'd love to!

cute boy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Secret Life

Well, here I am... about to disclose the secret life I have been living for the past month and a half.


I'm dating my boss.

Some might say that's a little sketch, others might say that's a little skanky. But it's a fact. Since it's probably not smart to have the facebook world/work world know about my little secret, I decided to at least write about it on my blog because let's be honest... some of the stuff that has been going on has been quite entertaining to say the least.

Let's start with...the start.

I decided to go to an "acoustic party" with my friend from Africa. I was dreading it to be honest with you. Definitely not in the mood to get my 'social' on in the least bit. I had just recently ended a relationship with Mr Bliss after about a year and just wasn't really feelin it in me to meet new people. But my friend talked me into it- peer pressure I tell ya!

Side note: I had been searching for a job for the past few months and had no luck.

So we get to this acoustic night and my friend introduced me to some of her friends. All of a sudden this really tall man was standing in the doorway with a red bandanna, crutches, and a big white smile. We introduced ourselves and the typical get-to-know-you questions came up. Soon he knew where I was from, where I went to school, and that I was in need of a job.

"I can get ya a job, can you come in for an interview tomorrow?"

ya kiddin? done.

We exchanged numbers (for business purposes only) and that was that. The rest of the night I had my eye on him...he intrigued me, we talked a few more times, but he was a little turned off to the fact that I was talking to a bunch of other people that
were a part of the male species.

So I went home, and the next day?


Mind you, the whole time i'm thinking "oh, he'll probably put in a good word for me." and all that. No... HE was the one to interview. And to make things
even better, it was a group interview so it was quite entertaining. He already knew my schedule when I could work, and "interview" questions from the night before, so it was almost like the whole thing was an act and to try to be 'fair' to the others that were in the interview.

Looking past our "act", one of the kids in the interview said "Are you guys siblings?" (we both have blonde hair and big teeth...but nope... not siblings) We just kinda laughed it off like it wasn't a big deal.... and after much deliberation I got the job.
(honestly at this time I felt SO incredibly lucky and so blessed because I had been praying for something!)
So...by this point, I was really excited to start work, for a few obvious reasons.

When I refer to my boss Michael, I will use the code name: Cory Matthews (since we both love Boy Meets World). So people at work think all my cabin trips and fun dates are with this ''Cory'' boy. One time a girl asked me (right in front of Michael) how "Cory'' was, if he was ripped, and if I saw potential in him. It took all I could to keep a straight face as I see Michael holding in a gust of laughter behind his computer.

Believe you me... this is just the start... more stories to come!

Here's a pic of me and "Cory" at the cabin riding snowmobiles:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Angel of Mercy

Time for a new post! I just feel like I need to write about what I am so grateful for and a few thoughts I've had lately. My life has taken a few spins since being home from Africa and I couldn't be happier with the blessings that I've received recently.

Although things have ended with the boy I dated for a year, I can't help but be so happy at the things I DO have going on for me in my life. Yes, it does seem like everyone and their dog is engaged and married, but I had a lesson today in institute that changed my perspective completely.

My institute teacher is a women who is 40 years of age. She is beautiful and is amazing in every single way. I really look up to her...she just has never had the opportunity to get married. But our lessons are on "women in the scriptures" and she quoted this from President Thomas S. Monson:

"Fill your heart with love. Women, you truly are angels of mercy. This is demonstrated on a grand scale through the humanitarian outreach to the cold, the hungry and to suffering wherever it is found."

She talked about the space between dating and getting married and how it's an opportunity to be an angel of mercy. Not saying that those who are married and have kids aren't angels of mercy, but there's a different duty that those who are single can fill.

I have a lot of friends going through the same "slump" of time where they feel like they're the only ones not getting married, and they're the ones that can't find the right one, or it's not working. Of course, I as well, have had my moments of feeling like "it never works out with anyone I date." or thoughts of "meh, i've done the engagement thing before, i'd rather not."

It's discouraging.

But after this lesson I have a new outlook on life. Yes, of course I want to get married (although joining the nunary sounds nice as well) but there is so much to live for! Instead of waiting around for the "right thing to happen" I want to MAKE the right things happen by doing more than just my typical everyday things.

I recently have met a friend who is a prime example of this. Every chance he gets he serves anyone and everyone around him. It's very admirable. I would definitely consider him an angel of mercy because he is constantly involved in the lives of others. I want to be like that. I want to be the relief of someone's day, or the breathe of fresh air that someone needs.

Sometimes things don't always turn out how you plan them to...in fact, most of the time I would have to say they don't hardly at all! But I think it's about what we DO have control over and what we CAN do is what really matters. Then everything else will fall into place.

I hope to be an angel of mercy to those around me. Definitely have a lot I need to work on, but I couldn't be more grateful for what I've been given and this time in my life.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dare to Dream!

(my little sis skydiving!)

"there are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into another"
douglas h. everett

I absolutely LOVE this quote. It is so true! My friend always tells me how I live in a "dream world". Even though this isn't necessarily a GOOD thing, but i'm happy to admit that I do. There is something so rewarding about working so hard for something you really want and finally achieving it.

Before I went to Africa I have to admit, I was so stressed with being able to afford it.. in fact, a few months before I left was the first time that I've had to ask my parents for money. I didn't know how it was all going to work out, but I made sure to pay my tithing and worked my butt off. With the help of so many friends and family, and huge hearts of so many around me, I was able to fundraise the entire trip. It was seriously such a miracle. There would be times when I would open up my scriptures and someone left a "secret" note with $100 donation. I felt so blessed and will forever be so grateful for everyone who helped me be able to get to Africa and live one of my biggest dreams.

But I've come to learn that if there is something you are really passionate about, or really want to do NOTHING should be stopping you. Not money, not fear, nothing! The hardest part is making the decision to DO IT... once your focus is on the "why" part of what you want to do, the "how" falls into place.

While I was on a bus ride in the middle of Africa on dirt roads and passing small villages, I thought to myself "I finally am living my dream, but when I get home, then what?" And I had to think of my next dream. My good friend told me to write down a bucket list of 100 things... which, if you've tried you realize that you have to RACK your brains out for 100 things to put on paper.

Here's a few on my list:
-Fly in a hot-air balloon
-Go Scuba diving
-Skydiving (a given)
-Fly in a helicopter
-Visit a castle in England
-Go on a road trip with no destination
-Learn how to play the harmonica in a hamick (just because)
-Swim with a dolphin
-Be a dental hygienist that travels to 3rd world countries

the list goes on.

My grandpa turned 80 this past year and decided to go paragliding! I love that and hope when I'm that old I'll still have it in me to turn dreams into reality!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Never the same

I've been putting off writing on my blog for awhile now. I have tried to start many different posts and they always end up in "drafts" because I can't finish them. I don't feel like I am full of inspiration, or life-changing quotes since I've been back from Africa. In fact, I feel more of a loss of words and my mind feels blank. Almost like there is too much to say, how can I even start?

People ask me "So, how was Africa?".... I can only answer in one word because if I really told them how it was it would take me days to explain how amazing it really was. "good" or "amazing" just don't answer the question truthfully.

All that I know is the lessons I've learned from living in Africa have changed me forever. I can't really describe it... other then that I feel that I "fit in" way better with hundreds of people who don't have my skin color, than just one person that does. My home isn't where there are hot showers, air conditioning, and a pantry full of food... My home is where you walk down the dirt road and have little school girls running to hug you yelling "Aubra" while you hop a boda boda to get to the market to find the power out while snacking on soft crackers.

Since being home my mom asked me "How have I changed?" Part of me had a hard time answering that question. My whole life and perspective has changed since being back.... for instance:

1. I have a button to roll down my car window automatically??
2. I have buyers remorse before I even think about buying something.
3. I cancel hair appointments because I have a hard time spending money to get pampered.
4. I watch my left overs extra long as they go down the disposal...feeling guilty.
5. I say "Thank you my friend" and some people ask "Do I know you?" when I talk to them because I was too friendly. (heaven forbid)
6. I'm intimidated by white people.
7. I hold my sister's babies and think how lucky they are to have a home and new clothes.
8. I think how smooth the roads are and grateful for the painted lines.
9. I say mounTain and buTTon... my Utah accent is shot!
10. I still pray for my food that there won't be any "worms, bugs, or bacteria"

Even though these are just little things, I am so grateful for the chance I got to go over there. Working as a volunteer is amazing because even though you are there to help other people... in the end they're the ones that change your life forever.

I've had a pretty bad guilt trip since being home. Who am I to be so lucky to live in America? Why do I get to have a mansion house and a screen that turns on with a click of a button? But at the same time... even though I might have a lot of "things", those amazing people have more than most of us. They have more happiness that some people have never seen before. They have hardly anything and yet know how to truly be happy. They live the law of love. It takes years, sometimes decades for people to learn about love, and these people live it every day. They literally scrape for anything they have... and yet are so willing to give ALL they have. Probably the most selfless people in the world.

So if I take anything from my experience, I've learned that I'm selfish and want to be like the people I was able to work with. I've also learned that the Lord is really with you every step of every day when you are serving his people. I learned very quickly while I was there that He loves those people just as much as he does me. He is very aware of what they have to live with, what they have to go through, how many meals they've missed, and how they have to survive. It made my problems seem like nothing.

While I was there, a big "dent" in my life seemed to scar over. I had mentioned earlier in my blog about calling off a wedding. I can honestly say that instead of thinking of that trial I went through every single day... it is replaced by the beautiful kids I got to be with every single day. My mind forgets the heartache of my own troubles and remembers those that have changed my life forever. I feel like that is one of the biggest blessings I could've probably been given. I know that the Lord is with us no matter what kind of "conditions" we go through.

One of the Sundays I was there we sang this...

In every condition, -- in sickness, in health,
In poverty's vale, or abounding in wealth,
At home and abroad, on the land, on the sea, --
The Lord, the Almighty, they strength e'er shall be

I've gained a testimony that this is true. He was my strength in Africa and will always continue to be right by me as well as in front of me. I will forever be so grateful for my Africa experience.

I will never be the same.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As most of you know, I am leaving to Africa in about a week and a half! I'm not the best "traveler" because I haven't really done it that much. I'm wondering if you have any tips as far as airplanes go.

what to bring to keep me entertained?

How to get rid of jet-lag the fastest?

should I take a sleeping pill?

any good books?

My layovers go from dallas to new york to Paris to London to UGANDA!!!

This is truly my biggest dream in my life so far and I can't believe i'm actually living it in a little over a week! So many things to do but I would be so grateful with any tips any of you might have:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

gratitude list

1. so grateful for showers... only cuz it makes your voice sound way better when you sing in them.

2. so grateful for the client on the phone who wanted to talk about my trip to Africa because he was so excited for me.

3. so grateful the wind blew in the right direction so my hair didn't go in my face. (secretly a pet peeve)

4. so grateful for people that donated to help for my trip.

5. so grateful for how individual the gospel really is.

Pickles in Bed

Tonight i was texting my little sis and i guess i was smiling about something because Nick was all "What are you smirking about over there." all that came to mind was "it's a sister thing".

I love my sisters and brother so much! They all are my very best friends and I feel so lucky to have a strong relationship with all of them.

Me and my little sister Ang have been tied at the hip. We are polar opposites yet we get along so well. For instance... she's super athletic while I may or may not have almost gotten paralyzed trying to do a backflip...She's super smart and a fast learner while i'm more worried about the color of my hair and what kind of ice cream I want. She's naturally funny and everyone laughs so hard at her jokes... me on the other hand just "think" i'm funny and laugh at my own jokes. haha I could go on.. but somehow we manage to be the best of friends.

I'm just writing this because there is something about sisters that you just can't explain. Those of you who have sisters that are close to know exactly what I'm talking about. There's just an instant bond.

Me and Ang share the best and worst of memories and she is my ultimate example through everything.

When we were little we would sleep in the same room... share the same twin bed and hold hands at night just in case a burglar came he couldn't take one without the other. Or if one of us by the wall we would easily wake the other if a spider happened to crawl up the wall. But a tradition that we always did for some reason was eat pickles in bed. We would lay there talking and all of a sudden get these cravings... so we'd go sneak into the kitchen and bring back pickles in our bed and chomp on those juicy things. I loved that.

This one particular time we were going to bed and we were taught to always say our prayers. Ang DREADED when I said the prayer because I would pray for every cat and dog in the nation so it ended up taking a year and a half just to say a nightly prayer. Well... this one time we were both on our knees together and I was praying my heart out and all of a sudden I feel this movement in the middle of my prayer... I peaked open one eye and saw the little twit trying to get out and escape my prayer! I immediately halted the prayer and gasped and said "WHAT are you doing?!" ... angie's face goes bright red and says "i... i have to go to the bathroom so bad!" as she's holding her crotch. I was so shocked that she would be so irreverent to leave during my prayer so I said "You're gonna have to hold it" and made her come back and kneel by me til i was finished. haha to this day I kinda feel bad, and so glad she forgave me... poor thing just had to go potty!

Another memory I have of Ang is that we had piano lessons one day but my mom wasn't able to drive us. (we were about 9 and 13), so I told my mom that we could ride our scooter and we would be just fine! My mom had an uneasy feeling about it, but i convinced her we would be just fine. (NOTE: our teacher lived clear down a really busy street) So we had our razer scooters of course and after we finished our lessons we started up the busy road that was on a steep hill.
Well, halfway up there was construction on the side of the road so they closed off the sidewalk. Me being so brave at this situation because I was in the 7th grade and knew exactly what to do... i started jay-walkin it across the street. Ang like always, just followed my every move. Well, the road had a lot of small hills in it so it is hard to see cars that are coming down. We happened to be right smack center of the lane when a car was zooming down at 40 miles per hour right in front of us. I don't know how it happened but I remember grabbing Ang towards me as the car flew almost on the sidewalk and slammed it's breaks so hard that it almost rolled.

I remember looking at the skid marks and my heart pounding how real and close that could have been to losing my bestest friend in the whole wide world. To this day I know it wasn't me that grabbed her to safety. I will forever be grateful for that angel that did tho! The whole way home I just BAWLED... Ang didn't cry a single drop. She just comforted me the entire time. She was the big sister that day and to this day I believe that she still is.

She's moving off to college this year and I know that no matter how far away we are we'll still be best friends. Whenever I go home for the weekend or a night, we still sleep in the same bed...mostly for me I guess. It's comforting to know that if a burglar came or any other hard trial comes in our lives... it won't get one of us without the other.

I love that red headed babe. Always.


Well peeps... I leave to Africa in about 2 weeks and staying there for about 3 months teaching dental hygiene... i started another blog that will have everything from the trip updated on there as often as I can!

check out:


wish me luck!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squids Testicles...

So, nick made reservations for Carabba's and so we go there... mind you.. i never order an appetizer but Nick doesn't mind spending money on food, so when we go eat it's like this 4 coarse meal.

Anyway... we're deciding on which appetizer to get and I made it FULLY aware to the waiter and to Nick that we can't get anything that was "fish" cuz I HATE seafood. So we were looking at the menu trying to figure out what to get and somehow ordered Calamary.. haha k, do you know what that is?? (squid... just in case you didn't know)

So it comes out and it looked like fried onions, so i'm all "oh, is this onions?" and nick was all "something like that..." So i'm like DOWNING this food like it's no one's business... and then i all of a sudden think in my head.. "wait... what am i really eating?"

So of course i stop eating it and i'm all "nick.. WHAT is this??"

Nick had to run out to his car real quick so i'm sitting there trying to figure it out. Finally it was driving me nuts so I turn to the booth behind us and i'm all "Sorry to interrupt (it was like 4 big guys), but do you mind me asking you what calamary is?" haha this guy looks at me and he's all "Oh ya, it's squid tentacles!"

Cringe... the thought of puking came right into my head. I just had a stomach full of SQUID!?! ew..

So Nick comes back, sits down, and by then the table behind us was listening to what i was going to say, and our waiter was right next to us... So of course i'm all boisterous and shocked at what was in my stomach so I quite loudly yell...

"You made me eat Squid TESTICLES?!?!?!"

I swear, you could hear a pin drop right after and then all of a sudden Nick BUSTS up laughing and the waiter was trying to hold it back..

I realize what I just said and so i like crouch down cuz I was so embarassed and by now the waiter is like bending over laughing and the table behind us is busting a gut and i hear the guy.. "I thought I told her TENTACLES!"

haha so then the waiter comes back up and he's all "Squid... don't have.... testicles.."

hahahaha i was dying and probably will never live it down. I can just see the waiter going in the back being like "guess what that girl thought she was eating?"

haha ew. squids and their testicles can just get out of here!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

"God does not begin by asking us about our ability, but only about our availability, and if we then prove our dependability, he will increase our capability."
Neal A. Maxwell

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do it Anyway.

I don't know why I've had Mother Theresa's quotes on my mind lately, but they seem to help me! There is one that I can't stop thinking of... it goes something like this:

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway

There's not really much else to say. I could finish this post right here! but i just have been thinking a lot about people i just "dislike" in my life which to be honest i can only think of one in particular. I mentioned him awhile ago on my blog. He is now engaged to the girl that was sitting inside that night I waited on his porch for 3 hours. His engagement pictures popped up on my facebook newsfeed... and we aren't even friends. I am counting my blessings that i'm not engaged right now, but it's still difficult. I know it's old news and I've moved on to bigger and better things (literally)... I can't help but feel so much hatred towards him. So I decided that everytime i feel hate towards him that I will pray for him. I'm not gonna lie... my prayers for him aren't very sincere... but I just have to be grateful for what I've learned and forgive and forget that part of my life. for good.

I know this is all old news, but it just helps to write about it and get it off my chest. I am currently dating someone AMAZING and am so grateful to have Nick in my life. He does happen to live in the same apartment complex as "the hated" did...and it's the same set up... so when I was having a hard time last night at Nick's... i found myself for the second time crying in front of the "mirror". I'm done letting it affect me. I have more compassion for those who are emotionally hurt by somebody. I never would understand if I hadn't gone through it. It has lasting affects that I never imagined. From this moment on, I feel if I ever come across someone who has been affected in a similar way I would do anything in my power to help that person... because it's a pain that you can't describe.

I think in our lives we go through things that we can never explain or express to people. I don't write about my life to have people feel sorry for me or to sound like a broken record with talking about something that impacted my life a lot... i write to help myself realize how incredibly lucky and blessed I am.. and that life really is good! i have NO reason to complain.

I wanta add to Mother Theresa's list:

You might hate someone more than ever... pray for them anyway.

we'll see how well it goes:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Mother Theresa: LIFE

Life is Beauty; admire it.

Life is an adventure; dare it.

Life is a Promise; fulfill it.

Life is a game; play it.

Life is Opportunity; benefit from it.

Life is Bliss; taste it.

Life is a Struggle; accept it.

Life is a Song; sing it.

Life is a Dream; realize it.

Life is a Challenge; meet it.

Life is too Precious; do not destroy it.

Life is Life; fight for it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick Review...

I decided that I need to be better at keeping my blog updated! So here is a recap of a few events the past couple months..

Nick took me to the Car show... he almost passed over when he saw this! such a fun weekend with this boy!

The other day we went shooting with Nick's roommates... loved this!

After we jumped in!

So... our apartment complex has what is called "Polar bear PLUNGE!" basically.. you jump in the pool in the middle of february and swim a full lap! Yes... 39 degrees!

Our Valentines Date!

My roommates are so cute! they surprised me for my b-day!

I went to the pizza factory with these cute girls! love all of them!

Our "hott" date was bowling! we're pros if i say so my self!

I had a slight craving for roasted starbursts... Nick is a good sport!

Me and Nick went to a HUGE bonfire! 150 christmas trees! so fun!

My best friend Jay left me for 4 months to go to London to study abroad... i hate goodbyes and miss her so much! thank goodness for skype:)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Years..no big deal

I forgot to write about the funniest trip over New Years!

The invite went something like this:

where? Jay's cabin
When? New Years Eve
Why? cuz It's a new year and Jay's leaving us

So. we packed our bags. We were headed to Jays get-away-cabin!

Haha I still can't even think about this without busting up. Let me just give you a visual and how it all went down...

3 cars PACKED with peeps and snow gear... we were ready to face the cold and stay overnight at Jay's cabin!

The drive up went great... by the time we got up there it was slightly dark... ok, PITCH black. That's ok, Jay knows the way, no big deal.

So we get there and the gate that we were supposed to go in was snowed in about 10 feet. That's ok, we got shovels, no big deal.

haha this is where the fun began. All I hear out of cute little Jay's mouth is "This is the part I didn't wanta tell anyone because I knew no one would come.... " We had to hike a few blocks in the pitch black and 10 feet of snow, no big deal.

Thankfully some snowmobilers came to the rescue and took 3 of us to the cabin: Me, Jay, and Parker.

I see the first snowmobile that Jay was on come to a hault. "This is it!" as she hops in snow up to her armpits! haha sorry but I love that girl... I was laughing pretty hard.

So.. we somehow managed to get to the cabin that was almost snowed in. Don't worry tho! we had a 4 wheeler to go pick up the other 17 people!

This is where it gets great..

I look over and Jay is DIGGING at this shed.. haha (i'm sorry it has been almost a month and I still bust up)... the snow is up to the doorknobs of the shed. The frozen 4 wheeler was in there... no big deal.

"Jay, how bout you guys work on that while I start making dinner for everyone to have when they get here!"

Jay was like "ok..we don't have running water"... so she points to this little medal thing sticking out of the snow. just a spicket.. that was frozen... no big deal.

SO, we hitch hike it over to the neighbors to fetch some water... we knock on the door with frozen hands, pink noses, and stiff smiles.

no big deal... MY DENTIST opens the door. haha i'm sorry but WHAT?! haha of all people?! I died.

We got water to boil tho.. no big deal.

FINALLY, we all get in the cabin... it might have been 2 degrees and the heater didn't work for about 2 hours... we had blankets.. no big deal!

haha this trip was cracking me up and Jay was seriously the biggest trooper making everyone happy!

Haha it gets better...

Logan Taylor (sorry to mention your name but it kills me to the bone)... comes in.. "uh... jamie.. i accidentally went pee in the toilet... but it didn't flush"

no big deal.

So Jay goes and has to flush it down with this bucket but didn't realize there were leaves and pine needles at the bottom... potpourri toilet? no big deal.

Finally we got the heater working, and with a few games of Truth and Dare, a few new years kisses, and dance parties it turned out to be the funnest/funniest trip ever!

I just have to say how much I love my best friend Jay.. she really is the best and was so nice to let us go to her cabin!!

It was the best adventure!

who is YOUR God?

I know a lot of my posts lately have been more on the churchy side... but it is something that I've been needing more in my life these days and because of it, I have had such better days!

I was in an institute class the other day when a question was on the board. it said:

Who is YOUR God?

it seems like an easy question right?... but for some reason when your asked to write down qualities it takes a minute to actually pin point exactly who He really is.

Think about it for yourself.... who is YOUR God?

My list looked similar to this:

-Never gives up on me even in the worst of times
-Sense of Humor
-Understands all my crazy moods I get in
-Lifts me up
-Carries me in the hardest trials, and walks by me in the times I need to grow

Think about times in your life that YOUR God has helped you. I think so often we just try to think of just when our prayers are answered.. but it's much more than that.

I must admit I am not that strong of a girl... I am very stubborn and felt discouraged for the past few months over a few different issues with things going on in my life. But i still managed to hold on, and MY God never gave up.

I am reading a book called "21 days closer to Christ". I'm on day 8 and it is amazing to me to feel the difference of every day living with Christ by my side. Peace is a feeling that truly is a blessing and so many people don't have it or continue to look for it in things that only bring temporary happiness.

I'm not writing this post to try prove anything or be self righteous (i'm so far from perfect) But i'm writing it to tell the world how greatful I am for MY God. He has never ever given up on me no matter what and I will forever be grateful for that!

At the end of the lesson my teacher told us to go home and testify in prayer to Him about Him.
It empowers him in your life and He witnesses to you that He really is listening. Ever since I was little I have felt His love.

I love MY God, and will forever be greatful for every day he gives me! Life truly is beautiful.