"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Thursday, November 24, 2011

That's Just What Girls Do!

This Thanksgiving my whole family came over, i loved it. I have 8 nieces and nephews that I just love to pieces. Tonight we had a girls night with nail polish, dress-ups, and make up. I couldn't get enough of them, they are so stinkin cute!
Johnny boy took this so it's a little blurry, but their smiles are the cutest!

How can you not love that face?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I forgot to upload some pics from last month... here they are!

Snowmobiling up at the cabin!

oh and some fourwheelin:)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Sometimes giving up on someone doesn't mean your weak, it just means your strong enough to let go"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tarantula's and Sunday School

Welp guys, it happened. I thought I'd be able to hide under the radar to avoid getting a calling in church, but wasn't able to...is that bad?

Well, either way. it happened. I've had a certain fear for probably about 4 years. I've been learning about phobias in my psychology class.... you know, arachnophobia, emetophobia (fear of vomit), etc... but i discovered a new one:


Yup, you heard right. I'm the new sunday school teach as well as helping with the ward organist (do i know how to play the organ? probably not)

It seriously is this huge fear of mine to teach, i'd much rather play the piano for hundreds of people then have to get up in front of 10 people to teach them something. When the bishopric called me my eyes swelled with tears because i'm deathly afraid of teaching (especially teaching people who know a WHOLE LOT more than i do!)...i'm just this little girl trying to teach people and missionaries who have studied this out all day every day for 2 years. Intimidating? yes.

"That's like asking me to eat a tarantula," I said..."But i'll do it with a smile on my face" as my voice was shaking and a tear fell on my face!

So folks... i'm the new teach.

At this point I am open for advice... i don't wanta be the teacher that just reads from the manual or just reads scriptures the whole time. So if any of ya'll have "fun" ideas , I would love it to hear it.

Til then... I'll go find a tarantula to munch on.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

First Date: Hammocks and Harmonicas

Learning how to play a harmonica in a hammock. Random, right? If you refer a few posts ago, I made a bucket list where I wanted to learn how to play a harmonica...and in a hammock. It just sounds so relaxing and fun at the same time.

Well.. I was able to check that off my list in the BEST possible way.

"Cory" asked me to go on a date with him. The plan was to go make a camp fire and roast starbursts. So, we gathered wood, blankets, hot chocolate, and starbursts for a fun night! We found a perfect spot to set up camp.

All of a sudden Cory says "Hey, I randomly found this hammock laying around my house... I think we should do something we've never done on a date before and set it up!"

(note: I had completely forgot about the bucket list I made)

So of course I'm all "Okay!" thinking it was way random. Next thing I know, Cory is over there with his head lamp and crutches ready to lasso 2 trees to put up this hammock. Part of me was like "we really don't have to go through all this trouble..." but I like hammocks, and Cory was being a scout with these rope knots, so I was entertained.

He told me to test it out. (mind you, he literally weighs 2x me..so having the twerp try it out isn't the best idea because once he got on with me we almost fell) But after the second try there we were..on a hammock in the middle of nowhere.

"I have a gift for you?"

me--"what?" (secretly wondering what kind of a gift you give someone on your first date)

And out of NOWHERE he whips out these 2 harmonicas. With instructions on how to play. So there we were, learning how to play a harmonica in a hammock.

Sorry, but it felt like christmas. It clicked that this was on my bucket list, and I couldn't believe that he was thoughtful enough to do that! Are you kidding?! What boy thinks of that? I just sat there smiling so big thinking "Is this for real??" Funny how such simple things can mean the whole wide world.

So... if any of you would like us to serenade you in a rendition of "happy birthday", we'd love to!

cute boy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Secret Life

Well, here I am... about to disclose the secret life I have been living for the past month and a half.


I'm dating my boss.

Some might say that's a little sketch, others might say that's a little skanky. But it's a fact. Since it's probably not smart to have the facebook world/work world know about my little secret, I decided to at least write about it on my blog because let's be honest... some of the stuff that has been going on has been quite entertaining to say the least.

Let's start with...the start.

I decided to go to an "acoustic party" with my friend from Africa. I was dreading it to be honest with you. Definitely not in the mood to get my 'social' on in the least bit. I had just recently ended a relationship with Mr Bliss after about a year and just wasn't really feelin it in me to meet new people. But my friend talked me into it- peer pressure I tell ya!

Side note: I had been searching for a job for the past few months and had no luck.

So we get to this acoustic night and my friend introduced me to some of her friends. All of a sudden this really tall man was standing in the doorway with a red bandanna, crutches, and a big white smile. We introduced ourselves and the typical get-to-know-you questions came up. Soon he knew where I was from, where I went to school, and that I was in need of a job.

"I can get ya a job, can you come in for an interview tomorrow?"

ya kiddin? done.

We exchanged numbers (for business purposes only) and that was that. The rest of the night I had my eye on him...he intrigued me, we talked a few more times, but he was a little turned off to the fact that I was talking to a bunch of other people that
were a part of the male species.

So I went home, and the next day?


Mind you, the whole time i'm thinking "oh, he'll probably put in a good word for me." and all that. No... HE was the one to interview. And to make things
even better, it was a group interview so it was quite entertaining. He already knew my schedule when I could work, and "interview" questions from the night before, so it was almost like the whole thing was an act and to try to be 'fair' to the others that were in the interview.

Looking past our "act", one of the kids in the interview said "Are you guys siblings?" (we both have blonde hair and big teeth...but nope... not siblings) We just kinda laughed it off like it wasn't a big deal.... and after much deliberation I got the job.
(honestly at this time I felt SO incredibly lucky and so blessed because I had been praying for something!)
So...by this point, I was really excited to start work, for a few obvious reasons.

When I refer to my boss Michael, I will use the code name: Cory Matthews (since we both love Boy Meets World). So people at work think all my cabin trips and fun dates are with this ''Cory'' boy. One time a girl asked me (right in front of Michael) how "Cory'' was, if he was ripped, and if I saw potential in him. It took all I could to keep a straight face as I see Michael holding in a gust of laughter behind his computer.

Believe you me... this is just the start... more stories to come!

Here's a pic of me and "Cory" at the cabin riding snowmobiles:)