"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Years..no big deal

I forgot to write about the funniest trip over New Years!

The invite went something like this:

where? Jay's cabin
When? New Years Eve
Why? cuz It's a new year and Jay's leaving us

So. we packed our bags. We were headed to Jays get-away-cabin!

Haha I still can't even think about this without busting up. Let me just give you a visual and how it all went down...

3 cars PACKED with peeps and snow gear... we were ready to face the cold and stay overnight at Jay's cabin!

The drive up went great... by the time we got up there it was slightly dark... ok, PITCH black. That's ok, Jay knows the way, no big deal.

So we get there and the gate that we were supposed to go in was snowed in about 10 feet. That's ok, we got shovels, no big deal.

haha this is where the fun began. All I hear out of cute little Jay's mouth is "This is the part I didn't wanta tell anyone because I knew no one would come.... " We had to hike a few blocks in the pitch black and 10 feet of snow, no big deal.

Thankfully some snowmobilers came to the rescue and took 3 of us to the cabin: Me, Jay, and Parker.

I see the first snowmobile that Jay was on come to a hault. "This is it!" as she hops in snow up to her armpits! haha sorry but I love that girl... I was laughing pretty hard.

So.. we somehow managed to get to the cabin that was almost snowed in. Don't worry tho! we had a 4 wheeler to go pick up the other 17 people!

This is where it gets great..

I look over and Jay is DIGGING at this shed.. haha (i'm sorry it has been almost a month and I still bust up)... the snow is up to the doorknobs of the shed. The frozen 4 wheeler was in there... no big deal.

"Jay, how bout you guys work on that while I start making dinner for everyone to have when they get here!"

Jay was like "ok..we don't have running water"... so she points to this little medal thing sticking out of the snow. just a spicket.. that was frozen... no big deal.

SO, we hitch hike it over to the neighbors to fetch some water... we knock on the door with frozen hands, pink noses, and stiff smiles.

no big deal... MY DENTIST opens the door. haha i'm sorry but WHAT?! haha of all people?! I died.

We got water to boil tho.. no big deal.

FINALLY, we all get in the cabin... it might have been 2 degrees and the heater didn't work for about 2 hours... we had blankets.. no big deal!

haha this trip was cracking me up and Jay was seriously the biggest trooper making everyone happy!

Haha it gets better...

Logan Taylor (sorry to mention your name but it kills me to the bone)... comes in.. "uh... jamie.. i accidentally went pee in the toilet... but it didn't flush"

no big deal.

So Jay goes and has to flush it down with this bucket but didn't realize there were leaves and pine needles at the bottom... potpourri toilet? no big deal.

Finally we got the heater working, and with a few games of Truth and Dare, a few new years kisses, and dance parties it turned out to be the funnest/funniest trip ever!

I just have to say how much I love my best friend Jay.. she really is the best and was so nice to let us go to her cabin!!

It was the best adventure!

who is YOUR God?

I know a lot of my posts lately have been more on the churchy side... but it is something that I've been needing more in my life these days and because of it, I have had such better days!

I was in an institute class the other day when a question was on the board. it said:

Who is YOUR God?

it seems like an easy question right?... but for some reason when your asked to write down qualities it takes a minute to actually pin point exactly who He really is.

Think about it for yourself.... who is YOUR God?

My list looked similar to this:

-Never gives up on me even in the worst of times
-Sense of Humor
-Understands all my crazy moods I get in
-Lifts me up
-Carries me in the hardest trials, and walks by me in the times I need to grow

Think about times in your life that YOUR God has helped you. I think so often we just try to think of just when our prayers are answered.. but it's much more than that.

I must admit I am not that strong of a girl... I am very stubborn and felt discouraged for the past few months over a few different issues with things going on in my life. But i still managed to hold on, and MY God never gave up.

I am reading a book called "21 days closer to Christ". I'm on day 8 and it is amazing to me to feel the difference of every day living with Christ by my side. Peace is a feeling that truly is a blessing and so many people don't have it or continue to look for it in things that only bring temporary happiness.

I'm not writing this post to try prove anything or be self righteous (i'm so far from perfect) But i'm writing it to tell the world how greatful I am for MY God. He has never ever given up on me no matter what and I will forever be grateful for that!

At the end of the lesson my teacher told us to go home and testify in prayer to Him about Him.
It empowers him in your life and He witnesses to you that He really is listening. Ever since I was little I have felt His love.

I love MY God, and will forever be greatful for every day he gives me! Life truly is beautiful.