"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Saturday, January 14, 2012

All about Worries

(me and my sammy)

I don't know why I was thinking about this...but have ya ever thought about the worries you had when you were little?

For example:

Worrying about who your teacher will be for the next grade. or...

Worrying about your parents getting a divorce because they got in a simple argument. or...

Worrying if you were going to get EXACTLY what you asked Santa. or...

Worrying if your best friend did their chores so they can "play". or...

Worrying about who is going to be the president of the "club" for that day and who is allowed in the club. or even...

Worrying about if your mud nest needed more grass in it or not. (haha ok, that might have just been me)

Then you hit middle school, and it looks more like this:

Worrying about your first zit that magically formed on your forehead.

Worrying if you need to have braces or not... and secretly excited if the dentist says yes.

Worrying about being on your period during gym class.

Worrying about the boy you have a crush on in 3rd period because in your head you "could" marry him. haha

And then College hits and looks like this:

"oh shiz...i have to pay for the lights and the heater in my home?"

Worrying about paying for school and staying up til 4am laughing at nothing. (perfect for your 7 o clock class, right?).

Worrying about how to cook and not gain weight; and which roommate isn't doing her dishes.

And I'm sure the list constantly changes as you grow, get married, raise kids, become empty nesters, and grandparents. But the point is, everyone has their own set of worries! I was thinking about the worries that I have right now. And yes, I worry about school and being able to study enough to earn a grade I have to pay for outta my pocket. I worry about my kids in Africa and if they got a meal today, or my grandparents getting sick.

Not to get all churchy again, but I was reading in the Book of Mormon about those two guys (yes, this is why i'm put as the sunday school teach to learn this stuff). But how they were able to be delivered from the fire and the prison that was falling down. I'm sure they had a few worries about gettin hit in the head, or if they were even going to breathe the next day. But the Lord delivered them because of their faith... they didn't just give up, sit in the middle of the prison and "worry".

They moved.

Lately, I feel like my worries go away when I "move". I've had my share of heart aches and I'm sure more to come, but when you put your best foot forward you learn a different kind of happiness. There would be times when I would worry or hurt so much about something and followed what a quote said once to say in my prayers, "Heavenly Father, you worry about this for me, I can't do it anymore, I've got too much to do" And He does. I know that there are so many others out there that have SO much more to worry about then I do. But even when prison walls are falling down on us, if we're willing to just MOVE...

He'll make sure everything is taken care of.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

just a day at the doctor...

So...the other day I had to go to the dermatologist to check out my moles on my back. That kind of sounds gross and I used to hate them, but once a boy told me they were sexy, so I look at them as beauty marks instead!

Well, Ang was down for Christmas break and also has a mole that needed to be looked at as well, so it was a perfect opportunity for a sister check up!

We scheduled an appointment together for this lovely experience. Ang doesn't love going to the doctor at all, I personally don't mind it, but it's something that she dreads for weeks if she knows she has to go in.

So there we were. Sitting in the waiting room. "Aubrey and Angie, want to come back together?"


Mind you, Angie's mole is a little bit more wild then mine. It is in a location that is a little bit more...revealing. The middle of her chesticles.(thanks to my brother in law for that word)

nurse: "So, if your mole is on your arm and you can just lift up your shirt that is just fine, or we have gowns if you need."

Ang: "uhhhh, we're definitely gonna need the gowns."

So the nurse handed us these crisp robes to put on like you would if you were having surgery. Only two ties, one by the neck and one in the middle of the back, with the rest just gaping open. She said to leave our pants on if our moles were just on our upper part of our body. Which gave us something to joke about for the next 15 minutes while waiting for the doctor.

Ang goes, "what if I just got butt naked in this thing and then the doctor comes in and I'm all...'oh, excuse me doc, my mole is on my elbow' as my butt was hangin out."

I'm sorry but WHAT? sorry if this is gross to some people or inappropriate but I died laughing. We had all these jokes going the whole time. Ang then puts on her gown and stands up for me to take a picture of her in it. But right before I took it I realized that because she was standing so close to the window, the sun was shining perfectly so you could see RIGHT through it. I stopped dead in my tracks before taking the picture and laughed so hard! The people in the office were probably wondering what we were celebrating in the exam room because we were seriously laughing our heads off.

The doctor came in, checked our beauty marks one at a time and we were good to go. Needless to say, trips to the doctors are MUCH more entertaining when you've got your best friend crackin jokes and ready to walk the run way in her beautiful gown to model for you.

haha I love my sister.