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Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Proposal

Welp, it's about time I tell the world how Shey proposed to me!

A. because it was the coolest thing ever
B. because it was way more than I ever thought it would be
C. just because I kinda like that boy...maybe just a little.

So let me do a recap.

First date (the second time around): March 10th

Talked about marriage: March 15th

Called the temple: towards the end of March

Engaged: April 7th

So... it seems a little bit fast. But it's been 8 years comin!

Obviously, I knew he was going to propose in the midst of all this. He had even given me hints as to when it would be. And I kinda accidentally snooped at a message he sent my little sister so I could tell you it would be Friday at 8 or 9PM (ok, i know snooping is so bad, but I couldn't stand how excited I was that I gave in when I stumbled across a message)

So, Friday night came. I got ALL dolled up, thinking it was gonna happen that night. But i was confused because we were gonna be with his family all night, so I wondered what he had up his sleeve. (secretly feeling so guilty thinking that I knew everything)Don't get me wrong, that was one of the funnest nights ever! We went skiing, hung out with his fam, and were treated by a spa. It was great. But I was a little confused when we left at 10:30 to go home. I mean, as much as I love curfews and all... 10:30? might as well put braces back on our teeth and have our parents drive us to the movie to be back by 10:30! So, a little confused? yes.

Well, little did I know how much this boy really knows about me, because he KNEW that I would've probably snooped and found out some stuff so he did some other sneaky work to make his plans work out perfectly!

"I'll pick you up at 6."

me- "A.M.?"

Seriously, I was so confused. I thought maybe he was going to make me sit on the mountain and watch the sunrise. ( I would've been grateful) but if you know me, the butt crack of dawn and myself aren't too fond of each other.

By now I was suspicious! In fact, I couldn't really sleep. All Shey told me was "Dress like we're goin on a hott date and wear something warm!" So naturally, didn't get an ounce of sleep.

That night I dreamed we went in a hot air balloon. But woke up being like "Yeah right, that's way too big of a dream!"

Well, off we were. To Park City. We sang and talked and laughed as the sun was rising. Shey's probably never seen me that happy that early. We drove for almost an hour and Shey pulled up and parked.


"We're here." as he hops out saying how Starbucks is the number 1 coffee shop in the nation. (haha what?) At this point I was lost. He got me some hot chocolate and then we went back outside. And here pulls in this huge white van with a big hot air balloon basket on the back. I still was thinking "no... only that stuff happens in your dreams." And right after Shey's all, "This is the guy we're supposed to meet here."


i died. That has secretly always been on my bucket list! I still to this day don't know how he knew that I've always wanted to go in a hot air balloon.

So, on a crisp, beautiful April morning we were floating in a balloon over the prettiest state in America! Our ride was about an hour and about halfway through we were at our highest point.

Our pilot guy: "Well, we're at the highest part of our ride, so if anyone has any business to take care of, now would be the time."

I bust up laughing. HOW would you take care of "bathroom business" on the balloon? (of course I would think that's what he meant)

All of a sudden, Shey gets all fidgety. After a few seconds of just enjoying being on top of the world, Shey goes, "I have some business actually." He gave the cutest little speech to everyone on the balloon and then got on his knee in the middle of the sky.

*Sorry, but if you could see the smile on my face as i'm writing this*

I think I somehow said yes in the midst of "Are you kiddings" and "Are you serious's". I was on cloud 9. Literally! Everyone on the balloon kept making fun of me because I kept saying, "This is the best ride ever!" I don't remember a time where I've ever felt so happy. A few years ago, I would dream and pray for that day to happen with Shey... and it happened way better than even my dreams!

As we were landing, Shey says, "look!" and points to a car full of his family taking pictures. He had arranged for his and my family to be there when we were landing! It was like one surprise after another! Followed by a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sheesh. I don't deserve it.

So that's it folks! It's official. That boy does way too much for me and I'm seriously the lucky one in the relationship for sure.

I know some of you have followed my blog the past few years. I just have to say that through life's little struggles the past couple years where I've felt a little bit tricked, or frustrated at how everything was happening in life... I can honestly look back today and say that the Lord's hand was there the entire time, even when i didn't realize it sometimes, and has blessed me ten times more than I ever imagined. I can now say how grateful I am to have gone through that so that I can know the difference and feel the happiness that I do now! I'm sure once reality of bills, work, and life will kick in pretty soon, but I couldn't ask for a better person to spend forever with. As cheesy as that sounds, it's true. Shey never has given up on this girl, and I am so grateful we were able to find each other again. It really is the biggest miracle!

Life is so great.

Here's some pics. enjoy:)


  1. oh i LOVE that last picture! you two look so happy!

  2. So fun, Aub! So happy for you! Now, if we could just figure out those dresses... :)