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Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Cute Sister

I just need to blog about my cute sister. About 20 years ago, my sister wrote a poem about me for school. She's about ten years older than me and we just have always been close. When I was 4, I'd wait for her anxiously to come home from school because she would always walk in the door, drop her bags and books, and play with me and do "tricks". In my head I always thought, "she must have missed me just as much as I missed her" (haha the whole 7 hours of school) She was the best babysitter around because she would teach us, play with us, hold us, and make us treats.

She's one of those people that lights up the room when your with them and is behind the scenes making sure everyone and everything is taken care of.

My sister is super mom. She has 4 beautiful kids that are the light of her life and everyone around her. She would do anything for family. She is the ultimate example of what a peacemaker is. She would give an arm and a leg for anyone that needed it and has always been so selfless.

My sister is beautiful, naturally. She has had 4 beauitful (and quite funny) kids and has worked her butt off to have the bod she does! You would never guess she even had one child!

I'm just impressed with her because as I've grown up, she has been nothing but the biggest help to me. She is the best sympathizer, the best at advice, and the best at being there to just vent to. She just gets it. Seriously doesn't have a mean bone in her body and doesn't get enough credit for all of the behind the scenes work she does for everyone around her.

She's one of those people I will always try to be like.

I'm so grateful to be able to call her my sister and best friend. Love you Beck!

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  1. Aub, you just made me cry! That was really sweet. I love you!