"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Shades

Yesterday I went on a date with my mom and dad. Yup, that may or may not be the reason why they call me "Kip". But I enjoyed it. I hang out with them all the time and I am completely content and love living at home with my best friends.

So we went and got a Jamba Juice. First thing my dad will ask me, is to rate the boys I go out with. And lately, I'm just kind of burnt out from the whole dating scene. It's probably bad, but I like doing things on my own and I enjoy just being alone sometimes. I find myself happy and content doing my own thing. I enjoy studying for once, I love my job and feel lucky to be where I'm at school and work-wise. I have the best people around me and feel so blessed.

So we're in the car discussing my love life(s), and lately I feel a lot of pressure from everyone around me to get married. I'm 23. And Utah hates that I'm not married having my second child already. But I feel like things will happen when they're supposed to happen. It's definitely easier said than done though.

When the conversation got more into depth, I said, "Sorry mom, that I didn't find the love of my life at 18 and have everything work out so perfectly like you did."

My mom's response was this...

"I guess some people just see life through rose colored glasses."

Time paused and got my thinking. Even though I don't know most of the details of my parents lives and the trials they've had or are going through, they have ALWAYS had the best outlook on life and make the best of every situation they're in. The grass isn't greener on the other side for them, only because they water and mow it on their own side. Life is beautiful and wonderful if you MAKE it that way.

I learned a pretty big lesson that day. More than my parents probably would know. I do get discouraged, I do get burnt out from life, I do feel like I'm failing sometimes, or that I'm not doing enough. I do feel stubborn and bitter about some things, or frustrated... but that can all change with a new outlook!

So today... I'm gonna get me some new shades:)


  1. Love it! i'm way proud of you Aubrey!

  2. I like this! I'm also getting way burnt out from dating. lets please play soon? i like being alone too but i like hanging out with you :)

  3. I needed this! I love you Aubs and don't worry.... you're man will come when it's right:)