"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i. love. this.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

God's Love

A couple weeks ago I had to teach a lesson in Sunday School about God's love for us. As I was preparing my lesson, I couldn't help but remember so many instances that happened when I would walk the streets of Africa and recognize how individual God's love really is for each of us.

His love for the ones living on the streets,

His love for the lonely baby who cries for the mama who passed during delivery,

His love for the woman in an abusive relationship,

His love for the man without any legs,

His love for the the kids who stand in a long line at school for a half a cup of watered down porridge...or those who don't get any food at all for the day.

His love for the hospitalized.

There was a specific day where my heart was torn to pieces and I couldn't breathe. I was volunteering at the hospital and was able to witness some of the surgeries. All of a sudden the door flung open and a man handed a 2 pound baby to the doctor. This baby was left in an African hut during a fire caused by a candle that got too close to a mosquito net. I don't want to be descriptive, mostly because it still breaks my heart to think about. But when a tiny body is burnt like that...they don't have much left. This little body was put on a cold metal surgery table. Laid there. alone. without any clothing. Her little hands were black and non-existent. All you could see was a a tiny chest go up and down to a faded heartbeat.

My whole heart was swollen with tears. How could this possibly be real life? That tiny little soul didn't have anything left....but the love of God.

I've often thought to myself "why did God allow that to happen?" or "that person was doing everything right, why couldn't God change how things turned out?"

I've come up with a few different conclusions. I believe that God doesn't "cause" something to happen, but he permits it to happen so that we can learn things that in no other way we'd be able to, and become something that only He knows we're capable of. I know that day, that the Lord shed tears for that tiny body on that table. And i'm sure He wept when she entered into heaven to live with Him again. He cares so much about every single soul whether your the president of the United States, or a 2 pound baby in a small village.

God's love for us is so real and individual. No matter what it is we go through, big or little. He cares about every single thing.

I made a video about the people in Africa. The song is called "Beside you" and I can't help but relate that's how our relationship can be with the Lord. His love for us is so powerful and he'll be right beside us every step of the way!

sometimes a girl just needs flowers..

These were magically delivered to me at work. It's been a pretty rough week with a lot of things going on and adding up. I'm not really one to receive flowers from boys... and it was quite nice to say the least.. i felt like the luckiest girl at work that day. And I am.

Thanks for all you do for me Cory!