"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I feel like I am way behind at updating my blog! A lot has changed and life really is so good! School has started and I am working part time and have a job interview tomorrow for another job! Life is busy but it's better that way! I just have to write about what happened the other night...

So.. I've been hangin with this new kid.

Nick Bliss.

He met my mom on a humanitarian trip and came to dinner and we've been best friends from the start! We hang out lots and some how manage to do the most RaNdOm things.

Well.. the other night my friend Amy came down and we were gonna go camping. So we packed our bags (me, nick, amy, and my roommate Makaylee) and we were off to to the woods.

Welp... we get there and it was freezing and just not what we were expecting so we stayed about 10 minutes and left to go get food.

We grabbed Wendy's and headed up the mountain to the 'Y'...

All of a sudden amy and I had a full bladder so we relieved our waters by a rock off this cliff. On the way back to the "toaster" car (or the spank tank as nick would say) THEN... shortly after, BIG FOOT decided to come over and scare the bajeebies out of Ames when she was getting in the car! She literally just about smacked her head on the ceiling cuz she jumped so high! (some high school kids think they are hilarious)

Well, feeling the night had failed because our original camping plans didn't quite pan out we were headed back planning on just setting up a tent

outside my apartment.

Well.. all of a sudden we are sitting in the kitchen and not only did we have BIG FOOT involved in our night but all of a sudden an

ALIEN was in our midst!

haha Ames put a manikin head on her head and put a sweatshirt over it so it looked like she was some plastic creature roaming around. I'm sorry but I have to admit it was pretty funny. So we all joined in. (see pics)

THEN.. if our night hadn't been any more adventurous we decided to play the "flour" game. Well.. it lasted maybe 2.5 seconds because all of a sudden there was flour EVERYWHERE.

Flour Fight.

This wasn't just some powder to the face, this was EVERYWHERE! up our noses, in our eyes, down the pants!

footprints in our carpet!

So Nick picked me up over his shoulder and carried me to the pool. Ames and my other roommate Aubree run out and push us in and jumped in afterwards.


in jeans.

with flour everywhere. Which, with water, doesn't make a good combination at first cuz when I first got wet i felt slightly slippery.

We swam for awhile. Such a crazy but it was just another

Typical night.

life is good to me.. as always.

Monday, September 6, 2010

a day at the gym...

let's be honest...

i know about 3 words in the spanish language.

ALMOST bi-lingual right?! haha

Well.. I work at Gold's gym... and I have a feeling I will have a few stories from work to blog about because I am quite entertained sometimes. I've met quite a variety of people since I've worked there.

such as:

-the old gray couple who show up at 6am faithfully every morning to keep their wrinkles intact.

-the senior missionaries ladies who come for a swim and then put their badges back on to go to work.

-the college 'hot heads' who have muscles the size of basketballs and think they own the place. (which I wouldn't doubt it because they are there for HOURS)

-the 'business men' comin in with their tie after a long day of work to whip out a game of raquetball.

-the mexican girls who were born white but the tanning beds changed their race.

-the fat people wanting to change their life (which really.. i love when they come in! they're the bravest of us all)

Well... this lady came in and when i scanned her card the computer read STOP. Well, I was busy with lost of people so I let her go for a little and then went to chase her down. She could only speak spanish (this is where my talent of other languages comes in) So I stop her and try to explain that we need to talk to her for just a second at the front desk. my words started to get more simple because english was hard for her to understand as well. "One minute... up there!" she still just looked at me SO confused. So FINALLY i whip out 2 words I knew in spanish.

"Uno.. momento!"

and pointed at the front desk.

haha k.. I kid you not. the LOOK on her face was this HUGE sigh of relief and she just started speaking 100 miles per hour thinking I spoke spanish! haha I don't blame her because I'm sure my accent sounded legit since i've had YEARS of practice... but I probably gave her the same look she gave me when I was speaking english! haha the 2 of us couldn't function. So i grabbed someone to speak to her, but it cracked me up! poor lady just wanted to speak her native language and my vocabulary only tricked her!

Other than working at Gold's gym, I just moved in with some really fun roommates, I'm really enjoying school, and loving life! Change has been the best thing for me lately!