"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Monday, March 22, 2010

Leading in Church

I got a calling a couple months ago of being in the ward music committee. So i lead the music in sacrament meeting every other week and switch with another girl on the committee. Sometimes I think there are callings that are "extra" callings to make sure everyone does something, which i'm more than happy to do I just love when I hear callings that seem a little stretched, but at least things are getting done right? I think it happens probably more in singles wards to make sure everyone's involved.
Anyway... yesterday I had to lead, and I don't love doing it but I am more than happy to. Bradley came to church with me and sat on the 3rd row so I could get up and lead easier. Well.. sometimes I feel like drawing my name in cursive in the air when i get off beat.. but this time... i was feelin "We Thank Thee oh God for a Prophet"! So I looked down at Brad and he mouths, "both hands!" haha so of course... I had to do it to spice things up! But when I did it my face turned BRIGHT red... I could feel tomatoes starting to form on my cheeks! haha but I will never forget Brad's face in the congregation! His smile was so big it almost burst to a laugh. I finally got done and sat by him and he says "Easy there, August Rush!"
This story is probably one of those "Guess you had to have been there" type of story, but I just love how it doesn't matter what me and Brad are doing, something is always entertaining, whether it be playing hot lava on the couches or trying to look like chipmunks. (see picture) I love that we can always laugh but at the same time be serious when we need to be. Life is good and I'm loving my time with my best friend!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Saving the World One Cavity at a Time

I just have to laugh. My job as a dental assistant can be quite entertaining and discusting all at the same time. Working at a dentist office you get to work with all kinds of different people. Happy people, negative people, roudy kids, funny old men, boys preparing for missions, people still scarred from the war, gaggy people, people so scared they can hardly keep tears out of their eyes, teenagers just here for the laughing gas, grandpa's that need a snoring nap right when your working on them, polygimist (who are actually the cleanest, best patients ever!), ex-polygimists, people with peircings and tatoos, creepers who you really have to be careful around, people that yell at ya, people that compliment ya, people who are half asleep on valium, little kids that laugh so hard the first time they try the n20, as well as returned elder couples who bring an Ensign to read while they're in the chair. I love working with such a variety of people! But once in awhile something funny will happen that I just have to kick my head back and laugh. Yesterday in particular. A girl in her 30's was in getting some of her teeth pulled and had the roots that went opposite directions. My doctor I work for is very intelligent, very honest, easy going guy and I'm very lucky. But during this appointment he was carefully trying to get the roots... well.. something snapped, the root of the tooth went flying...hit the ceiling (i heard it hit) and somehow managed to land in my bra!!! i'm sorry but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! haha I died. He was still in the process of getting it out so I couldn't drop my suction and say... "BRB" (be right back) I had to sit with it poking me. I'm trying to compare the size so you can have a little bit of a visual.. hmm... I'd say almost the size of a pencil eraser. haha so the second my doctor went to go grab something he needed I jolted to the bathroom with the surface wipes. I was so discusted. But all I could do was laugh. seriously. What are the odds!! gotta love my job.