"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" -Pres. Hinckley

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beach Bod Fitness

So... recently Brad has been gettin all into working out to be in beach bod shape for summer this past week! He's made a pretty good deal with me that if I do certain things I can earn new work out gear! (which lets be honest.. i couldn't complain)
i'm pretty good at trying to eat healthy or excersize... i could definitely do better. But i'm not the type of girl that can just pick up and run 10 miles with no sweat! running is the absolute worst!! In elementary school i could beat any boy with pull ups on the bar but when it came to the mile run i was probably in last place with swits and a red face and needing an inhaler!
So, Monday was when we started this whole fitness kick. (i swear it always has to be a monday... "next monday i'll start") but we did. It was pouring rain but we ran anyway. Mind you.. Brad hasn't worked out in ages but still can do just about anything you ask him too! I was expecting him to just run circles around me the whole time. We start running and the first thing he says is "My distance, your pace" so of course i'm thinking, "yes.. my pace... we can walk the whole way if i wanted to!" So we start going and I kid you not.. it was NOT my pace at ALL! we were running uphill most the way. haha I kept making up excuses like "i'm cramping up" or "i have to throw up" or "i gotta go potty" or "i can't breathe!" haha I was DYING! my favorite excuse i've come up with is "My legs are shorter than yours so i'm running double you're distance!" I thought we were only running a mile but afterwards we measured it with my car and it was over 2! Kill me.
But ever since i've tried to keep running and so far so good. Brad cracks me up sometimes but luckily he was very encouraging during the whole process...and making sure i ran every step with my knees up high. haha
it obviously was a big event to me if i have to blog about it! so wish me luck on this Beach Bod Fitness! I'm planning on running a marathon by the time i'm 90. i think that'll give me enough time to warm up and learn to love running!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Nasty Cat!

I'm sorry but i am SO grossed out! we have a stray tom cat that sneaks into our garage and does one of the following: sprays his territory, pees on everything, mates with our cat Mittens, or eats something nasty and won't breathe with his mouth closed... either way it REAKS in our garage. well we have this huge case of gatorades in the garage that are my favorite so the other day I decided to grab one and i literally was in the garage for 2 seconds. While I was driving to Brad's, I could smell the nastiest smell: cat. on my hands, arms... in my hair. I was drenched in a skunk spray of CAT!!! it was discusting. I got in Brad's car and he could hardly look at me I smelt so bad. haha all i remember is him opening his car door, spitting on the street, shutting the door and saying "90% of taste is smell." haha. So i changed clothes and sprayed myself down with some air freshener (didn't have time to get in the shower for the second time) and after I left, Brad had to wash the pillow I laid on when we watched a movie. Well.. I had to keep the windows down while driving... meanwhile wishing I could just enjoy my lemon/lime gatorade. I even wiped down the bottle with surface wipes. I used antibacterial gel for my hands, lotion... soap.. nothing works. Ew. I can't imagine what old ladies who have a million cats smell like!

So then today my sister needed a gatorade at 7 in the morning before school. I guess she was thirsty because she didn't even care that I warned her about the cat smell. But secretly I think she was too tired to realize. So the same thing happened to her except she had to sit through school smelling like cat throw up or whatever it is! haha I called her to warn her that the stray cat might have peed on the gatorades and she's all "shoot... i drank the whole thing" haha she said she washed her hands and went through the same routine as I did with the lotions and anti-bacterial gel.. nothing works. I swear this beast is more like a skunk than a cat!

So i get to work and finally got the smell off but i swear there is a cat smell at work too! I told everyone my story and people come in the office and say "it smells like a cat".... the workers look at me but I swear I finally got the stench out! So my favorite lady at work decides to put up a pic of 2 cats... (see pic) just to make a joke of this whole cat problem.. which it really is a joke!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorite Grandpa

I just have to write about my cute Grandpa. I have to say that I really truly believe that I have the best grandpa anyone could ever ask for! He would do anything for anyone in a heart beat and treats my grandma like a princess. Ever since I can remember, anytime he sees me or any of the other grandkids he'll say stuff like "you look pretty today" or.. "looks like a pretty bouquet of flowers we got here" (if there were a few of us together). When we were really little he'd let us pinch his nose and a squeaking noise would come out of his nose that we could never figure out... to this day i still can't!
Grandpa is the head of the whole family. In his front living room he has a picture of all of his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. He treats us like we're his very own. I look up to him so much and have had very special experiences with him.
A few years ago he gave all of us grandkids a brand new gold coin. He related it to us and how it's shiny and how we need to keep it clean always and keep it in our pockets to remind ourselves to be clean and make right decisions. I've always thought this was so neat so i've kept mine in a pocket in my purse since the day he gave it to me. No i'm not perfect, but it is a helpful reminder to be better. He has a hobby of carving walking sticks! He's incredible! So I asked him if he could make me one and he did. Yesterday he came over to grab something from my mom and I gave him a thank-you card for the coin and the stick and told him how much i loved him. I had to leave the same time he did and when I stopped to see why he had pulled over and to blow him a kiss goodbye, I could see through the window that he had pulled over just to read the card I wrote him. How cute is that??
One time when I was up at Utah State, I got in a bad accident which you can actually watch if you click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODkLAY-GQmA
I was in a gymnastics class and had to leave for a few weeks because of stitches I had to get on my eyebrow (which is a different story) so when I came back I wasn't use to doing the trick I had just learned with a spotter. But i thought i was invincible I guess cuz I decided to still do it... and not only that but film it to show my mom. Instead of landing a perfect 10 i landed on my face with my feet landing on the back of my head. After it happened the whole class came over to see if i was ok. I didn't cry, I was confused and in too much pain to cry. It really felt like I hit a brick wall going 50 mph! My teacher watched the video and we decided it would be best to have the ambulance get me just in case I had any kind of head/neck/back trauma. I remember the guy calling my mom and the first tear that came to my eye was when he was talking about my chances of becoming paralyzed. When I got to the hospital the nurses and doctors all watched my video and let's be honest.. it is kinda funny so some couldn't help but laugh a little even tho i was strapped to a stretcher wondering if I broke my neck or not.
My roommates took good care of me, and luckily I was able to post the video on Youtube to show my family what had happened. This is the connection with my grandpa. I've showed many people my video, and everyone will cringe or laugh... but when my mom showed my cute grandpa the video, he had a tear go down his cheek when he saw how hurt I was. I ended up very blessed. I couldn't move my neck up and down but after a lot of X-rays, exams, and a stiff neck, I was able to walk away with just a neck brace and some pretty intense pain medication. I just will never forget my mom telling me how much my grandpa cared for me that day because that meant the most to me to know how much he loves me and was concerned about me even if I didn't have an opportunity to see him as much up at school.
My grandpa means the world to me. One time he was going through a hard time with some medical stuff and had to be in the hospital for a little bit. When he felt like he might not make it he told me to lean down by him because he needed to tell me a secret. I leaned down and put my ear close to his mouth so I could hear what he had to say and he whispered, "Just know out of all the grandkids, you're my favorite grandkid." I believed him. He's my favorite grandpa and I look up to him so much. While I've dated people I've always looked for people with his characteristics because he's amazing and I'm so grateful for him.